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What you can do on Hyperion:
  • Use our exclusive products to amplify your profit either BTC go up or down.
  • Win 300%/500%/1000% of your buy in 24 hours.
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Hyperion Products

We provide a new, simple and smart financial product for our clients to amplify their profit.
Target Crypto
3X / 5X / 10X
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Check Out the Most Attractive Feature of Our Products:

High Return

Get up to 1000% of your buy in 24 hours. Better than any other leverage products in market!

High Chance to Win

Based on our deep experience in traditional financial technology, we provide highly competitive target price quotation and innovative financial product rules to bring users an unprecedented product experience!

Extremely Simple

Feel anxious to know all these complicated financial concepts and alphabetical soup? We have done them for you. Check out our products and know how to make money in 1 minute.
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Hyperion Tech


Stochastic Differential Equation   Fourier Transform   Kalman Filter

Complicated mathematical and financial tools are used in our pricing modeling, such as Kalman Filter, partial differential equation and stochastic processes. We are strictly market neutral, to ensure our clients the highest return and the maximum chance to win.

Dynamic Hedging

Intra-tick Algorithm   Mathematical Model   Low Latency Trading

Every product you bought has been perfectly hedged. We monitor different exchanges, discover mispricing opportunities and capture them to get better trades. By using our leading algorithm, we can minimize our hedging cost and thus earn excess returns from these so called arbitrage trades. This means we can offer our clients a better chance to make more money.

Risk Management

Risk Management Matrix   Basel III   Countercyclical Capital Buffer Model

Risk Management is our first priority. We build risk management matrix to control market risk, credit risk, operational risk and liquidity risk on both time and space dimensions. Based on our Increased Quality of Capital Funding, Basel III Compliance capital management system and countercyclical capital buffer mechanism, we provide our clients with highest level of safety.

Hyperion Team

Hyperion is the combined effort of quantitative traders, engineers, technologists from Top Tier financial institutions with profound experience in high-frequency trading and derivatives. We join this industry in 2020 to provide exclusive products for our clients to earn more money in a new and simpler way.
Our expertise and experience originate from the top financial and education institutions

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